I’m seriously psyched you wanna know a bit about me, so… that’s Marcella Ferretti behind MF Visuals.

I love emotion. Pure emotions. Capturing them and making something people can feel. Being touched. That’s what MF Visuals stands for. 

As a creative professional I have a unique artistic eye for filming. I set myself aprt because of the style of artistic filming and attention do detail.
I just love all little things that make your event or your company or your team or your special day, YOU.

The combination of artistic images, carefully chosen music and capturing the emotions makes my type of short film that touches you deep within. I’m not your typical videographer.

You can not only book me for your short film in Italy, but also worldwide. 

I’m hugely addicted to instragram, that’s why I started to manage Social networks too working with foto, videos made by me

Born and raised in Tuscany. Living in Livorno. Mum of two beautiful twin girls who never stop to inspire her, she is happy to find her true passion in videography.
She studied Digital Editing and Digital Filmmaking at the New York Film Academy of NYC in 2011 and 2013.

Loves: details, fashion, traveling, meeting new people, tasting world cuisine, tennis, nature, animals, natural lighting, adventure, music, netflix, family, big hugs, laughing at her own jokes, her cats.